Afghan politicians & Taliban hold talks in Moscow to end war

Afghan politicians & Taliban hold talks in Moscow to end war

Hanafi said the US and the Taliban will each create a technical committee that "will work on a timetable for the withdrawal of remaining troops".

Stanikzai also said the timeline for a US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan had not yet been fixed and that negotiations on the issue were continuing.

Ghani spoke with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo late Tuesday, who had "underscored the central importance of ensuring the centrality of the Afghan government in the peace process", the president said.

Ghani's comments were some of the most extensive since he met Khalilzad in Kabul last week after the latest round of talks. But he expressed hopes that the conflict could be brought to an end. "Until now we did not agree", the Taliban official said.

Both sides that time indicated that a number of issues still needed to be resolved.

"Washington is backing Khalilzad's efforts because it could pave the way for a US withdrawal from Afghanistan - something US President Donald Trump wants to happen", Fakur said.

Debate: What future for Afghanistan without USA troops?

Afghanistan's former president, Hamid Karzai, was involved in the meeting and hailed the discussions, saying the participants shared a desire for peace and stability and opposition to foreign intervention.

But Ghani has vented frustration at being relegated to the wings as his political enemies shared prayers and meals with the Taliban while discussing the future of his country.

US -led forces in 2001 toppled the hardline Taliban for harboring the al Qaeda militants responsible for the September 11 attacks.

But at the end of the day, despite all the problems, it is for the United States to decide how and under what conditions it would like to leave Afghanistan.

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2018:BBC study found the militants openly active in 70% of Afghanistan.

Many of those American allies later became the Taliban - enemies of the United States when the Americans made a decision to invade Afghanistan.

They have proposed an "inclusive Islamic system" of governance but demanded a new Islam-based constitution for Afghanistan. It states that "Islam has given women all fundamental rights, such as business and ownership, inheritance, education, work, choosing one's husband, security, health and right to good life". The quid pro quo for the Taliban to officially and finally break ties with al-Qaeda and its affiliates could be the withdrawal of American soldiers.

But the presence of prominent opposition politicians will add to pressure on the government to talk to the Taliban in the search for a deal to end years of fighting.

No representative from President Ashraf Ghani's government - which the Taliban considers a United States puppet - was invited to either occasion, angering officials in Kabul.

He said that "when the American forces announce the withdrawal of their troops" there could be further "intra-Afghan dialogue".

But organizers of the Moscow conference said Russia's perceived neutrality during Washington's war in Afghanistan make the country well-suited for the mediation.

Russian government has publicly distanced itself from the talks, but according to reports Russian envoy to Kabul Zamir Kabulov is behind the initiative. But in anticipation of such an order in the future, given the Trump administration's achievement of what it calls a "framework" for potential peace negotiations between the Taliban and the Afghan government, military planners have been considering plans for how a pullout might be conducted.

"No one can decide without the consent of the Afghan people", Ghani told Afghan broadcaster TOLOnews. They oppose civil society, disdain women activists & want to curtail women's individual freedoms.

The Taliban has been carrying out bloody attacks against civilians and security forces with hundreds killed since the beginning of the year alone.

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