YouTube imposing new restrictions to Solve Latest Child Exploitation Controversy

YouTube imposing new restrictions to Solve Latest Child Exploitation Controversy

"Any content - including comments - that endangers minors is abhorrent and we have clear policies prohibiting this on YouTube", a YouTube spokesperson told The Verge. We asked YouTube if it has identified any problems in its algorithms that helped cause the problem but received no answer to that question.

He provided examples of users posting comments on YouTube videos in which they traded social media contacts, provided links to child porn and unlisted videos or left timestamps that showed when kids innocently bared body parts. Watson uses a fresh YouTube account in the video below to demonstrate how easily you can get stuck in this vortex of creepy behavior.

YouTube's algorithm was also suggesting videos that featured children, even when a viewer wasn't looking for them or only viewed a tangentially related video. YouTube admits there is more it can do to catch abuse, and in a more timely manner. In response to this, major advertisers have begun pulling commercials off the platform, and one of the first to do so has been Epic with Fortnite.

"Until Google can protect our brand from offensive content of any kind, we are removing all advertising from YouTube", an AT&T spokesman said in a statement on Thursday.

Ads for the company's smash-hit battle royale title Fortnite, as well as ads from other major companies, including Google itself, play ahead of videos featuring children on YouTube. It added that it expects YouTube to "immediately remove from its site any contributions that threaten the integrity and protection of minors".

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After the reports made headline online, Disney, AT&T and several big brands have voluntarily withheld their ads from playing on YouTube.

Nestlé, McDonald's, Disney and other companies have put on hold their advertising with YouTube because of disturbing comments about children appearing near their ads.

YouTube typically hands a slice of the revenues from these commercials to the person that posted the video, while the rest helps to inflate Google's own profits. Since Newsweek reports, YouTube's calculations appear to have accepted the acronym to mean child pornography.

In a statement to creators, YouTube explained that in the last 48 hours, it had terminated over 400 channels found to pertain to inappropriate or harmful comments. YouTube has been called out in the past for hosting videos that portrayed cartoon characters in inappropriate ways, but the latest episode is somewhat creepier.

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