'School of Rock' child star facing theft charges in guitar heist

'School of Rock' child star facing theft charges in guitar heist

The one-time child star and current Florida man was captured by police four times in the last five weeks after allegedly stealing the guitars and an amplifier, according to the gossip outlet.

As some may remember, back in 2003 comedian Jack Black released the film "School of Rock" to critical acclaim and commercial success, in a film where he forms a band with a group of 4th graders after disguising himself as their substitute teacher. After a few minutes, however, he ran out of the store with the guitar without having paid for it, according to a Sarasota County probable cause affidavit obtained by Variety.

Gaydos Jr's technique was reportedly walking into music stores, testing the guitars, and then simply walking out of the store without paying.

Gaydos Jr started playing the guitar aged three, scoring the lead role in School of Rock for director Richard Linklater aged 10.

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Police are also accusing Gaydos of trying to sell some of the guitars at pawn shops.

Gaydos pictured at the opening of the School of Rock Broadway show in 2015. Now, he's facing felony charges of larceny and grand theft.

Florida police say that Gaydos Jr has confessed and blamed a drug problem, pleading not guilty to the theft of the guitars, while he's yet to submit a plea for the amp case.

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