Indian-origin dentist’s body found in Sydney, ex-boyfriend suspect

Indian-origin dentist’s body found in Sydney, ex-boyfriend suspect

Dr Reddy's remains were found in a suitcase inside her auto in laneway at Kingsgate in Sydney's eastern suburbs just before 9.30pm last night. Inside the vehicle, they discovered Reddy's body in a suitcase, showing multiple stab wounds.

She was last seen waiting in line at McDonald's in George Street on Sunday, the police said.

She was working as dental surgeon at Glenbrook Dental Surgery, a hospital about 70 km from Sydney.

But in a shocking twist, Narde was found dead on Monday night, the day after Dr Reddy was reported missing, having been involved in a head on collision with a truck near Tamworth in what police believe was a deliberate accident.

The original reporting in this article stated that the man who died in the Tamworth crash was Preethi Reddy's boyfriend.

Less than 24 hours later police made the gruesome discovery of Dr Reddy's remains.

Investigators are appealing for more information about Dr Reddy and her whereabouts before her death, including any sightings, her mood and what she was wearing.

Dr Reddy was reported missing on Sunday after she failed to return home following a dental convention at St Leonards over the weekend.

The pair weren't in a relationship at the time but had been previously, Detective Superintendent Gavin Dengate said on Wednesday.

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The suspect, Harsh Narde, who was her colleague at her previous workplace, was also found killed in a vehicle crash about 350 km from the place where Preeti's body was found. Police suspect that the accident of Narde was intentional and perhaps a suicide.

She had spent the night before with her ex-boyfriend in a hotel on Market Street.

She was captured on CCTV inside McDonald's at the Strand Arcade in Sydney's CBD about 2.15am on Sunday and appeared to leave alone.

Just two days beforehand, Dr Reddy's boyfriend had posted a message asking his friends to help in the search for his then-missing girlfriend.

NSW Police said the investigation was still in its early stages.

"The weird thing I noticed that night was that he took down his Facebook shortly after the conference".

Preethi's disappearance is "out of character" and there are serious concerns over her welfare, a New South Wales (NSW) Police spokeswoman said.

Police had released images of the 32-year-old and of her missing grey Volkswagen Golf in an effort to locate her.

While we now know that Preethi is no longer with us, the certainty of her movements on Saturday night and Sunday morning are not yet fully known, and we will stay in touch with detectives as they work it all out.

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