Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel Review #3

Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel Review #3

The pair of them are Kree, inhabitants of the planet Hala, where he runs an elite military unit and she is his bright protege.

Watch the most powerful hero the universe has seen when "Captain Marvel" hits theaters on March 8.

Trumpeting Larson's Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel as its first "stand-alone, female-franchise title character" has become a key plank of Marvel Studio's promotional campaign.

Oh, and the vague set-up of a sequel featuring him is undermined horribly by the knowledge that if it's set before Guardians (which it would have to be), he'd once more have no genuine impact. "We're not just putting it on a poster, that we're living it", she added.

A caption simply says: 'Thank you Stan.' Which quite possibly is short for: 'Thank you Stan, for making us more money than Fort Knox has room for, and for giving us the superheroes who have enabled us to churn out Marvel blockbusters with indecent regularity.

While you're still familiarising yourself with the vibe (and perhaps still reflecting on that excellent new Marvel fanfare), Brie Larson has already had two fights and learnt valuable lessons that may or may not come in handy in the film's final battle. This obviously can't end well for the future director of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Captain Marvel is one of the most-anticipated films of 2019 - and is one of the most established brands in the comics world. A look could speak volumes in an instant and that gaze is present even if it doesn't speak to everyone. And I know, you aren't like them.

The truth is, this flawed but still entertaining film's chief asset is its representation of a young woman who has spent her life following orders but is now finally crafting an identity of her own in a shifting moral landscape.

Whether she's Carol Danvers or Captain Marvel, this character is slight. Utterly empowering and inspiring. "Those are the defining moments of her character, where she doesn't lay down she gets back up".

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Jackson, Gregg, and Mendelsohn give fantastic turns as supporting cast members. Too bad they couldn't take Goose the Cat along for the ride. There might be a good amount of threads to follow but how everyone is connected matters and that's a testament to the directing.

"All the negative reviews for #CaptainMarvel are from men", feminist website The Mary Sue declared Tuesday as the early reviews began streaming in for Marvel's - as star Brie Larson describes it - "big feminist movie".

As a result, there are tons of fun references to '90s groups and solo artists that will send memories flooding back to you if you lived through the time when they were popular - or just love chilling with retro tunes.

In case you haven't noticed, Brie Larson is killing it lately.

Metro's Larushka Ivan-Zadeh, meanwhile, salutes the film for having "a black single mom. who also happens to be an ace fighter pilot" play a pivotal role. We meet everyone only briefly.

Captain Marvel is hardly the first superhero film to encounter mixed reviews, of course. (Well, he IS a good guy, so maybe we should have known.) Though it's distracting to see the famously piratical character with two functioning eyes - it's like watching James McAvoy as young Professor X, wondering when he's going to lose the hair.

What surprised me the most was that Samuel L. Jackson knew pretty much all the lyrics to "7 Rings" - at least a lot more than I knew.

"I don't know if I'm just exhausted, but I feel like I'm going to cry".

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