Democrats pan President Donald Trump's budget proposal

Democrats pan President Donald Trump's budget proposal

This amount will be the remaining portion that is needed in addition to what is being secured as a result of the national emergency declared by the president.

Whatever the truth of such assertions, funneling nearly $100 billion more into Overseas Contingency Operations has implications far beyond Trump's maneuvers with Congress, and would surely provoke alarm in Tehran, Moscow and Beijing. Democrats in Congress, however, are attempting to block the declaration and the reallocation of funds. Rob Portman. "And every year, we have successfully defeated those efforts and ensured that this critical program receives full funding".

Another Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen.

"Ohioans rely on Lake Erie for jobs, clean drinking water, and a place to enjoy with their families", said a statement from Brown.

"We are very disappointed that the president takes the position that he does, but many of these cuts were discussed in the ag committees of both the House and the Senate when they put together the farm bill, and they were rejected, " said Gene Paul, legislative coordinator at the National Farmers Organization.

The Trump administration is looking to decrease the Education Department's funding by $7.1 billion compared to what it was given last year, as part of next year's proposed budget.

"The Great Lakes system is one of the greatest natural resources and economic powerhouses in the United States", said a statement from Joyce.

"We have provided the course of action, the strategy and the request to finish the job".

The budget request would cut Education Department funding by 10 percent while expanding money for school choice, school safety and apprenticeship programs.

The fiscal 2020 proposal sees the deficit expanding to $1.1 trillion for 2019 and 2020, when Trump will run for re-election.

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The Republican president's budget requested $20.8 billion for the USDA, a cut of $3.6 billion, or 15 percent, from the 2019 estimate, according to the proposed budget text.

Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue said of Trump's budget proposal, "Our economy is booming, and unemployment is the lowest it's been in decades".

"Altogether, the budget would make poverty deeper and more widespread, increase the ranks of the uninsured, exacerbate inequality and racial disparities, and shrink opportunities for those trying to get ahead", said Robert Greenstein, president of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

The budget of the Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy would drop from $2.4 billion to $343 million (86 percent cut).

Troubling to Maryland environmental advocates is a 90 percent cut to funding for the Chesapeake Bay Program, which they say has been an essential tool for the estuary's recovery in recent years. The Brook Park facility is playing a key role in the agency's Moon to Mars program, which aims to establish a permanent human presence on the moon and eventually send astronauts to Mars.

Reviving his border wall fight with Congress, Trump wants more than $8 billion for the barrier with Mexico, and he's also asking for a big boost in military spending.

Even with the cuts, which the White House said would add up to US$2.7 trillion in savings over a decade, the budget office said the Trump plan would not balance until 2034, exceeding the traditional 10-year outlook.

The budget proposes a welfare reform setting more stringent work requirements for working-age individuals receiving welfare assistance such as supplemental nutrition, federal housing support and Medicaid, a move the administration said would save 327 billion dollars. For a sense of the scale of the war allocation, the $164 billion OCO fund by itself is roughly equal to the total military budget of China, at $168 billion, and almost three times the $63 billion military budget of Russian Federation. Promises that the tax cut would stir so much economic growth that it would mostly pay for itself have proved woefully wrong.

The response by congressional Democrats and the media to the Trump budget has been to focus on the $8.6 billion request for the border wall-the issue that was the trigger for a 35-day partial shutdown of the federal government that ended in late January.

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