Stage 4 load-shedding to hit Ladysmith today

Stage 4 load-shedding to hit Ladysmith today

According to the utility's definitions, 5,000 megawatts are taken offline when Stage 5 kicks in.

Stage 4 load shedding allows for up to 4000 MW to be cut from the national grid.

Eskom's head of generation, Andrew Etzinger, says similar fake messages have been distributed in the past when demand exceeding power supply back in 2014 and in 2008.

There seems to be no end in sight to load shedding, which means we can expect more power outages over the next few days.

South Africa's state-owned power utility implemented a fifth straight day of controlled blackouts and will carry out more this week to prevent a total collapse of the electricity grid amid a shortage of capacity.

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"I know the most important issue for South Africans is how long will this last and when will you be able to give us certainty that load shedding will end?"

Energy expert Chris Yelland has also warned that Eskom is facing many immediate problems which South Africans are not being told about.

Three generator units are running, but with boiler tube leaks which place them at risk.

"There is a belief that the timing of public statements by Koko, certain EFF politicians and other supporters of nuclear power aren't coincidences and that it is related to the internal resistance at Eskom against reform efforts".

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