Ethiopian Airlines pilots initially used Boeing emergency procedures before crash

Ethiopian Airlines pilots initially used Boeing emergency procedures before crash

In a new statement Friday, Muilenburg also said he has asked the company's board to establish a committee that will review the policies and processes Boeing uses to design and develop its airplanes. But amid a chorus of confusing alarms, they also made a critical oversight as they struggled for control, according to three pilots with experience in accident investigations: They left the engines set almost to maximum. Boeing's procedures instruct pilots to leave the MCAS disconnected and continue flying manually for the rest of the flight.

Boeing has said that existing procedures were sufficient to address a MCAS malfunction, but early data suggests that pilots may not have known how to disengage the system, or may have done so too late to save their flights.

The statements came hours after Ethiopian officials said pilots of a doomed plane had crashed last month after following the company's recommendations, leaving 157 people dead.

Stumo, originally from MA, is the niece of consumer activist Ralph Nader, who called for a boycott of the 737 Max on Thursday.

The lawsuit alleges, among other things, that "Blinded by its greed, Boeing haphazardly rushed the 737 Max 8 to market, with the knowledge and tacit approval of the United States Federal Aviation Administration ... while Boeing actively concealed the nature of the automated (flight control) system defects".

A preliminary report on the Ethiopian Airlines crash released on Thursday did not directly blame the MCAS, but did speak of the plane's constant and uncontrollable nose-diving, which could have been caused by the software if it were fed false data from a damaged sensor.

Ethiopian Transport Minister Dagmawit Moges said in a press conference Thursday that the pilots followed proper procedures issued after the October crash of a Lion Air jet. One of the "angle-of-attack" gauges read 15.3 degrees, likely an accurate reading for a plane taking off.

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Starting in mid-April, Boeing will cut its production of the 737 Max from 52 planes per month to 42 planes.

The investigators' initial findings Thursday, based on analysis from 18 Ethiopian and worldwide investigators and information from the jet's flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder, were released several hours after a news conference held by Ethiopia's minister of transportation. The plane made four nose dives before it crashed into the Java Sea.

He said the Ethiopian Airlines 302 preliminary report 'was very thorough and well done'. And failing to fully fix the trim before MCAS is deactivated can make it physically impossible for pilots to control the plane, Fehrm said.

The Washington Post reported Thursday that USA regulators had ordered Boeing to fix a second flight-control problem, not related to MCAS, but which officials nevertheless deemed critical to flight safety.

"We're adjusting the 737 production system temporarily to accommodate the pause in MAX deliveries, allowing us to prioritize additional resources to focus on software certification and returning the MAX to flight", Muilenberg said.

What did the pilot's father say?

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