Samsung Display Begins Mass Production of Foldable Displays

Samsung Display Begins Mass Production of Foldable Displays

All the four devices feature Samsung's new notch styling going under the Infinity V moniker. But that description feels more relevant to the Galaxy Fold than any other device before it.

The real problem is that Galaxy S10 users are complaining that the smartphone will not connect to LTE even after its booted multiple times.

Some users may also prefer the physical rear fingerprint scanner on the rear of the S9 rather than the embedded sensor that sits under the A80's screen.

Samsung also discussed some of the features and specifications of the two phones in its news release, highlighting the Galaxy Fold's 7.6-inch main display. The device will be available in Black and White color options. Since this is an affordable phone, Samsung marked it as a low-profile launch, which is why you won't find in on any of the company's official websites.

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However, there is one fairly major point to note about this display.

The device feels like a tablet when opened up. Both of those carriers do have unlock policies, though, so there's a chance you'll be able to unlock a Fold and use it elsewhere after following a set of guidelines.

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 out of the way, attention has now shifted to Samsung's second flagship phone. When closed, the "phone mode" provides one-handed operation for tasks such as calls and music playblack. So imagine what usual web browsing activities might be like with speeds like this. Think of the Galaxy Fold like a book, as it folds inwards, and when that happens, the phone's smaller panel on the outside lights up. It learns your preferences as you go and improves over time.

Every app that comes pre-installed on the Galaxy Fold will support this continuity between displays, but it will be up to app developers to make their applications compatible. If you bought your S10 in the United States or China, where they use the Snapdragon SoC, you'll have to wait. The company simply says "stay tuned" for pricing information.

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