Fashion Mistakes every Woman must avoid

Fashion Mistakes every Woman must avoid

Fashion refers to the most popular trend in context of dressing, accessories, behavior and footwear. Being stylish means being fashionable and being able to present yourself more confident. Fashion is all about impression your personality and not aping fashion trends blindly. There are some common Women’s Fashion Mistakes to avoid. One fashion mistakes and your whole look goes for a throw. You have to maintain your personality while following the fashion rules. Dressing smartly does not need you to be a runway usual or a fashion stylist. First, you should focus on the basics with a dash of common sense and you’re good to go.

When you’re a young teenager, you can give to do a lot of fashion mistakes but after age of 25, it would be a small piece hard to carry yourself confidently when you know that things are going haywire with the clothes. So, here are some Fashion Mistakes every woman should avoid.

7 Fashion Mistakes all women should avoid

Bad or Too much Makeup:
Fashion Mistakes every Woman must avoid

Too much makeup can mess up all your tries. Application of light mascara, lip gloss and eye shadow is enough for daily makeup. Most girls make mistakes while doing facial makeup, mainly when the foundation on the neck and face are different colours, fake tans, bad orange, and hands with fake tans lines all over them. They end up doing extreme makeup which is not necessary.

Fashion Mistakes every Woman must avoid

Showing heavy jewellery without any occasion is absolutely a ruin your look and is common fashion mistakes. A lot of women go with their ethnic look by wearing heavy earrings, chokers and necklaces. Though you can avoid messing up with heavy jewellery and minimal jewellery is the best to look good. In addition, wear the correct type of jewellery depending on the type of dress you wear.

Loose clothes:
Fashion Mistakes every Woman must avoid

This is another common Fashion Mistakes every girl should avoidYou can wear clothes that are oversized, too big and baggy for their body shape. Women believe they can cover their bumps and lumps under loose clothes, but this simply makes you look bigger. The fit should be perfect to reveal the beauty of the figure. So, you can avoid loose clothes.

Mismatched Colors:
Fashion Mistakes every Woman must avoid

One of the worst fashion mistakes is to mismatch colors such as wearing a green skirt with a crimson red color top. Mismatch can be in doing make up also. Think a green eye shadow with bright red color lipstick. Beware while wearing these two color shades, green and red. What you wear powerfully influence others in forming a view about you.

Showing too much:
Fashion Mistakes every Woman must avoid

Showing too much of anything does not make you look sexy. It can sometimes be a worst fashion mistakes mainly when that is not your purpose. The unnecessary attention can be very harmful.

Too much print:
Fashion Mistakes every Woman must avoid

An animal print may be a little different and fun, however you actually only require one garment with animal print in the outfit. If your top or t-shirt is animal print, you might want to attach with a simpler block colored bottom. Too much print in one outfit might be too loud and also not a good look.

Visible Panty Lines:
Fashion Mistakes every Woman must avoid

Wearing garments with panty lines showing is another common fashion mistakes women make. The most awful thing is a visible panty lines underneath a short dress. So, cover panty lines with proper sized dress.  Look beautiful and not bad.


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