What is really beneficial for the bones of calcium supplements? How to drink

What is really beneficial for the bones of calcium supplements? How to drink

According to a common assumption, after the age of 40 increases the susceptibility to bone fractures become less of calcium, which. These shortcomings are not people who consumed calcium supplements. Some of these supplements related research work was recently carried out. According to research, healthy bones against fractures are unable to keep and protect the intake of calcium supplements. Not only that, in the future this type of supplemental stomach pain, diarrhea and increased heart-related problems. According to experts, too much calcium intake is harmful to health is proven. British women are drinking extra calcium to keep bones healthy and prevent osteoporosis millions.

The research has also been asked to give advice to people calcium supplements by healthcare companies. Research based on the analysis of this topic has been published in the British Medical General.

Dinesh Thakkar AHMEDABAD, INDIA orthopedist composition according to research, the amount of calcium in the body is more damaging. The body is caused by calcium deficiency has never increased food intake of calcium or calcium supplements regardless of any good orthopedists.

In addition, he said he was an adult, 700 mg. We need calcium. Daily diet should be supplemented by daily calcium requirement. As such, most people are consuming milk or dairy products daily. Experts also said that calcium or lead to problems such as abdominal pain and diarrhea daily diet produce stomach related disorders with doses as high calcium intake in 1500.Be strong bones, people should consult a doctor 50 or older if you are taking calcium supplements.

Addition to taking calcium supplements two or three times a week, every day does not even need to take to prevent a deficiency. According to the process of aging people should go to the doctor and his advice should be slow to take calcium supplements. Adults can get calcium in the daily diet. Especially the women need more calcium to pass when they are pregnant or breastfeeding during menopause. But in the meantime should seek advice from gynecologist intent calcium.

According to new research from New Zealand to increase the amount of intake of calcium to keep bones healthy, the researchers do not have the same effect. Oakland University Department of Medicine, the researchers say that their research may fracture and cause more harm than good to the cause of any dietary calcium intake with calcium supplements. In addition, he said that the World Health Organization advocates and health policy to increase the amount of daily calcium foods to prevent bone fractures and related problems should be advised not to increase the intake of calcium supplements. Anyone 50 years of age or older can benefit from increased calcium intake.

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