by | January 12, 2019 | 10:15

What could happen to subscribers who share their Netflix and other streaming service account passwords to family and friends? The Credential Sharing Insight software is available as a cloud or on-premise offering. Racine says that Synamedia's machine learning approach, which notes always-evolving "consumption patterns", is more flexible than a hard-coded algorithm that has to be updated manually and often.

by | January 11, 2019 | 06:12

The HTC VIVE Pro Eye launches in the second quarter of 2019. HTC did not disclose pricing for any of these new announcements . The Cosmos has no external tracking tech which will, according to HTC , allow you to move between real and virtual worlds more easily.

by | January 10, 2019 | 12:08

According to the company, the Assistant in Maps will allow the consumers to share their ETA with friends and family, reply to text messages, play music, search for places, and add a new stop in navigation. But it's great that Sonos is even contemplating breaking down the voice assistant barriers. Google also promises to bring support for Google Keep,, Bring! and Todoist.

by | January 09, 2019 | 00:31

The announcements come a day after Samsung surprised the industry by bringing both Airplay support and an Apple iTunes Movies and TV Shows app to its 2018 and 2019 TVs. This also represents the first time that Apple allows access to its service from a non-Apple device, essentially bypassing the need for a customer to buy Apple hardware such as the Apple TV .

by | January 05, 2019 | 08:56

In this case, the two employees have apparently been bumped down to lower-level jobs (though we don't know what they are - hopefully not toilet cleaning) and had their salaries cut. Apple's stock plunged 7 percent to $146.40 in extended trading. He, however, clarified that all other "categories outside of iPhone (Services, Mac, iPad, Wearables, Home, Accessories) combined to grow nearly 19 percent year-over-year".

by | January 01, 2019 | 15:39

Samsung has hinted that the company will focus on mid-range smartphones. The smartphone is expected to have OLED display and wireless charging. This might be one of the new devices in Samsung's Galaxy A line-up. This A series phone from Samsung is said to come in two variants - 4GB RAM/64GB storage and 4GB RAM/128GB storage. But the Galaxy S10 models, at least the premium ones, will have in-display fingerprint sensors, something that's not available on any iPhone.

by | December 29, 2018 | 12:57

The Boston Police Department said early Friday that there had been outages, but tweeted by 10:30 a.m. that the outages had been resolved. The company said about 8 p.m. One member of the Federal Communications Commission said the cause of the national outage needed to be investigated, the AP reported. "The CenturyLink service outage is therefore completely unacceptable, and its breadth and duration are particularly troubling".

by | December 20, 2018 | 12:00

The Nintendo Switch has snapped up the title of the fastest-selling console of the current hardware generation, according to a report from Business Wire . While there are more Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox consoles now on the market, the Switch has outpaced "all other current-generation systems" since its debut in March 2017, NPD reported .

by | December 11, 2018 | 01:56

Data made available to developers includes the likes of users' names, email addresses, occupations, and age. And now it seems the wind-down of Google+ is becoming equally as nettlesome as Google is now having to shut it down earlier than planned because of yet another data leak .

by | December 07, 2018 | 11:28

The outage is also causing other disruptions, such as issues with public transportation. "We apologise to our customers for any inconvenience". The O2 mobile network has suffered a major outage this morning, with the company's data network going down globally, although O2 subscribers could still make calls.

by | December 05, 2018 | 05:28

For the next three days Qualcomm is holding its annual Snapdragon Summit in Maui, where the company is expected to reveal new and improved Snapdragon mobile processors, and with the help of carriers across the globe, layout plans for 5G networks heading into 2019.

by | November 29, 2018 | 07:49

Today, buyers can receive $35 in Nintendo eShop credit for every $299.99 Switch purchase. "With the holiday season already in full force, we wanted to offer a deal on Nintendo Switch to help make holiday shopping a little easier for families", said Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America's Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

by | November 29, 2018 | 07:20

He said he's concerned that if the ruling went against Apple, the company would be liable by both consumers and app developers for a single price increase. For 40 years, the courts have held that when there's an illegal monopoly, only the direct purchaser can sue for damages. However, a few of the justices expressed some skepticism with Apple's arguments.

by | November 28, 2018 | 10:11

Red Dead Online is an evolution of the classic multiplayer experience in the original Red Dead Redemption , blending narrative with competitive and cooperative gameplay in fun new ways. It has also been confirmed that the Red Dead Redemption 2 companion app has also been updated today. You'll see an "Online" option on the top-right of the title menu screen; click that to access the beta.

by | November 21, 2018 | 19:26

If recent bend tests have you eyeing your new iPad Pro with concern as to how you'll keep it safe in your bag, OtterBox may have the answer. And...the iPad Pro is no different. Zach Nelson, the guy behind the YouTube channel, JerryRigEverything that is popular for taking phones apart posted a video showing him tearing down an iPad Pro (the teardown is more torture involving a box-cutter, a lighter and other tools rather than systematically taking apart a device piece-by-piece).

by | November 21, 2018 | 19:10

A week after Instagram's rollout of the " Time on Instagram " activity dashboard, Facebook has begun rolling out a similar feature for itself. #InstagramDown is also trending on Twitter . "The issue has since been resolved, we are back to 100% for everyone, and we're sorry for any inconvenience". Problems appear to have started just before 1pm after a brief outage early this morning.

by | November 19, 2018 | 03:15

The two main titles that will assist the Nintendo Switch sales considerably are; Pokemon: Let's Go and Super Smash Bros. One of the most appealing aspects of the original Pokemon Yellow game was the ability to catch all three of the original starter Pokemon from Red and Blue , including the popular fire-type starter Charmander.

by | November 19, 2018 | 01:42

No doubt, Pixel 3 beats the iPhone XS in night photography (or at least Google claims it does). "To address this limitation we've added two manual focus buttons to Night Sight on Pixel 3 - the "Near" button focuses at about 4 feet, and the "Far" button focuses at about 12 feet".

by | November 15, 2018 | 11:09

The processor features a fourth-generation custom CPU and 2.0-gigabits-per-second (Gbps) LTE Advanced Pro modem . The onboard NPU is a separate hardware AI accelerator that performs AI tasks around seven times faster than the previous version, Samsung says.

by | November 12, 2018 | 13:28

In a surprising revelation, Apple has admitted that there are certain issues with the display of its iPhone X . The iPhone X which was the belle of the ball for the Cupertino-based tech giant in 2017 has some "touch issues". The company also said that some 128GB and 256GB solid-state drives in 13-inch MacBook Pros have an issue that could result in data loss or drive failure.