Top 5 Most expensive smartphone in the world

Top 5 Most expensive smartphone in the world

  1. One of the richest brands in the world made a smartphone coated with 26 Carat of black diamond. The smartphone has become a necessity for us. There are many multiple ranges of the world’s Smartphones. The smartphone includes a list of the most expensive Smartphones in the world.  Let’s see Here 5 Most expensive smartphone / Top 5 expensive smartphones ..

Top 5 Most Expensive Phones in the World in 2016


Luxury mobile phone manufacturer Australian company has launched a new smartphone in the Indian market. The ester value is about 4.75 lakh in the Indian market.

IPhone Princess Plus

IPhone Princess Plus iPhone seems like just relax but the phone designer Peter Eloisa.  The Galaxy with 180 quality diamonds, gold and rested. Its price is Rs 11,964,326.

Signature vertu

The company has launched a premium smartphone smartphone  Signature vertu. The price of up to 6,500 to 13,700 pounds (about 6.5 million to 13.8 million).

Black Diamond

The world’s most expensive phone from Sony Ericsson is the name of Black Diamond. The phone has gold Japan design. The call detail Mirror, mirror and organic equipped with LED technology. Sony is known worldwide for its display. The phone has two diamonds and the price is Rs 20,360,986.


The phone was made in Switzerland in 2005, a company known as Las Vegas Jackpot. The phone has been used 180 grams sonano. Body found in a forest of 200-year-old African has been made of wood. The price is $ 1 million (about 6 million).

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